Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baker's Dozen

As I was recently pleading for friends to keep me clued-in to their own personal myspace vs. facebook crisis (endemic of the nation at large) so that I can actually keep up with them, I realized that I am on way too many places on the internet.

My computer must have so many cookies on it that I could make a killing as a baker in SecondLife, (had I the lack of a real life and actually wanted to try again or whatever it is that they do there).

I gave a quick think to the numerous places the interweb has a piece of my identity, and it is terrifying. Not terrifying in that paranoid Dick Cheney way (even though he's one mere pretzel away from being my boss), but more in that "look how compartmentalized my life has become" kind of way. (4), credit cards (3), bank (3), utilities (3), library (2), google maps, weather channel, blogspot, feedburner, family album-like website thing for college friends, myspace, facebook, meetup, youtube, classmates, craigslist, drug store, target, ebay, amazon, the commuter train, the city train, the bus pass, the highway toll thingy, travelocity, expedia, hotwire, airlines (4), hilton, job searches (3)...

I have over 40 different identities out there. Floating around. Just out there, waiting for someone to ping me so they can report back.

The most disturbing part is that I would freak out if I had this many pieces of paper coming through my mailbox, and so I would actually prefer this to the alternative. And even more disturbing than that is that I can barely keep up as it is. What on earth was life like before? I don't know, and I want no part of it!

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SP said...

Can I see your other sites? Well maybe not what you are checking out at the library. That might be scary and TMI.