Monday, February 04, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

The month of February means the first-ever (American) exhibition of the Museum of Modern Ice.
Or just MoMi. Clever, eh?

The 95-foot long, 12-foot tall wall of painted ice is installed at Chicago's Millenium Park and is behind the "bean". The Michigan Avenue side is supposed to mimic the city's skyscraper-clad skyline, while the Lake side is supposed to represent an advancing wall of a glacier.

Apparently, I wasn't so impressed with the skyline side, because I just realized all of my photos are of the glacier side.

Must be my daredevil character, taking nature head-on and everything.

The wall was a bit snowy this day since we had something like nine inches of snow the day before. I plan to head back to the wall during the month, so I'll keep you updated on its icy progress.

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