Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

I would say spring is in the air, but since it was 4° outside today, I can't.

Spring was definitely on everyone's mind today though, as the Cubs announced that tickets will go on sale Friday- which definitely means that warmer times are ahead. Never mind that opening day, this year on March 31, usually has snow. (They even have planned a day off the very next day just in case they have to have a snow-day makeup game.)
It must be the knowledge that eventually, those Cubbies will be playing in the heat of summer that keeps us going.

News also spread today of first sunlight in Barrow, Alaska.

Just a little perspective on that one- all that latitude and only seven degrees warmer. sigh Still, we get the sunshine all day and today actually marks the first day that I had light for my walk all the way to the train station. YAY! We even got to pull out from Union Station in the post-sunset twilight. Not the dark.

I think things are looking up.

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