Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It Has Begun

I just took a walk to get a sugar fix during my lunch break and when I got to the grocery store on the corner, I saw them.

Christmas candy. Christmas crackers, Christmas chocolate gift boxes, and chocolate Santas of various sizes, shapes, and fillings.

Since I was on a chocolate run in the first place, you'd think this would be a good thing. BUT, Christmas stuff in the second week of October?! Really?

I didn't buy any out of sheer principle.

And yes, the Santas were still in big red suits even though it's summer here during Christmas.

Vocab of the Day
Fussed: worried, concerned. Basically the same meaning as in America, but used in a different way.

Because my boss in Denver has no time to read my stats report, I'm not too fussed about getting the QA done today.

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