Thursday, October 12, 2006


Just some observations from the last week:

  • Barb (my roommate) is in Tasmania for a few days. I have the flat to myself and what do I do? Ironing. I really need to find some irresponsible friends or something.
  • Melbourne is in a heat wave! Yesterday was the hottest October day on record, at a whopping 36 degrees C(97 F)!
  • 250 bush fires (forest fires) started yesterday.
  • We have a camping trip planned for the weekend, so the forcast says cold and rainy. Jeez.
  • We had a new starter in the office this week- Dave from somewhere in England. All the other poms laughed when he said where he was living, so I'm guessing it's not so great.
  • Dave is tall. Really tall. I have high hopes for our friendship.
  • I went shopping with Suzy after work to find new outfits for the Spring Carnival (loads of horse racing- high fashion). Target was a zoo, and I couldn't quite get the right outfit together.
  • All the other stores on the Bourke Street mall close at 6pm on Thursdays.
  • When you order the potato cakes at the sushi restaurant, you ruin your perfectly healthy dinner.
  • They let anyone on the train.
    • The woman in the seats to my right was flashing body parts to her friends with a digital camera.
    • The woman across from me was writing the longest text ever on her phone with one hand and without looking.
    • Two men sitting behind the flashers were discussing the joys of the TV show "West Park". (I wanted to jump over the seats and point out that it is actually called "South Park", but that would defeat the ego stroking session at hand.)
    • The other woman across from me was making out her Christmas list. (See outrage below.) Apparently she knows half of Melbourne.

  • Potato cakes from the Japanese place really are not a good idea.
  • The "Daily Show-International Version" comes on at 10 PM Thursdays. (I had no idea!) I learned a new word: catastrof@$k. Apparently they can say that on Australian TV.
  • If I had switched the black skirt for the white one, I would have had a good outfit. Dang. Now I have to go back and try to piece it together again.
  • If you live next door to the train station, you should really have ear plugs if you want to sleep with the window open.

Vocab of the Day
The dog's breakfast: a mess.

The dressing rooms at Target were the dog's breakfast because they were having a massive sale for the Spring Carnival.

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