Monday, October 09, 2006

Being Bogan

Vocab of the Day
Bogan: good-willed country folk that are a bit rough around the edges. Like white trash, without the negative connotation (mostly)

Instead of a sentence to show proper usage, I thought I'd supply the Bogan Test that was passed around the office email today.

(We really do work. Just not all the time.)

Sorry it's so small but I had the interactive version up here and it kept crashing. I guess the world is not quite ready for boganhood. If you'd like to take the test yourself, I can email it to you!

I was a whopping 44% bogan. Pretty good (bad?) considering I'm not from this country.

Some tips you may need in order to answer the questions properly:
(2) Salvo = Salvation Army
(3) Bundy = Bundaberg Rum (made in Queensland)
(6) Cheap as chips = like the Salvation Army store, only it's not for charity. That's right- a for profit junk store.
(16) Council house = the projects. "The Council" is the town council.
(17) Loo = toilet
(18) Thongs = flip flops. I am sure the scoring of the question remains the same if you thought it meant the underwear, however.
(23) Take away = take-out or delivery food
(25) Trolley = shopping cart
(30) Runners = sneakers

Good luck on those exams!

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K said...

OK, I need the real test. I am assuming that a yes answer isn't ALWAYS bad... I hope...