Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lost The Plot

After working 55 office hours in 4.5 days last week, I took it easy on Saturday. I spent some time on the all-important ipod maintenance, watched a bit of "Some Like It Hot", read the newspaper, and watched some footy. It wasn't an entirely quiet day though, since the Canadian was back.

Genevieve, the French Canadian who has been off in Mauritania working on finding water in the Sahara, came back to Australia for one of her shift breaks. From her not-so-enthusiastic feeling towards GA Melbourne as she left, I had figured that she would steer clear of the office and I would probably never see her again. Go figure.

To celebrate her return, I joined her and Elvira, an ex-GA'er, back at The Bar With No Name for drinks Saturday night. Pleading pauperism, I missed out on their dinner, and I realized as they stumbled their way down the street to the bar, that I had missed most of the party as well. (I wasn't too heartbroken about this.)

We secured our drinks and seats on the couches in the back and settled in for some good catching up. I heard all about the trials of being a petite French Canadian in a Muslim country in the middle of the Sahara with no air conditioning in the summer. I heard about the excellent shopping in the Canary Islands, and the constant proposals from men in Morocco.

This continued on for a while, until we were interrupted by a flurry of text messages from other people who were supposed to meet us out. (Texting is much cheaper here than actually calling, so it is the preferred mode of communication. Convenient also, when you are in a loud bar.) This is also about the time Gen began to lose it. Turns out she and Elvira drank about a bottle of wine each at dinner, and Gen was feeling it.

That's about when it stopped getting interesting, and I felt a bit like a babysitter. Luckily, Gen's old roommate, with whom she was staying on this trip, had wondered into the bar to hang out with us. I relaxed, knowing she would get back to bed safely. I said my good-byes and headed home. Luckily most of Melbourne had stayed home that night reveling in their post-footy match boozy glow, so finding a cab was a cinch.

Since I've been living here, I've collected many Australian (and therefore many are English, but, why be picky) words and phrases. Therefore, I'm introducing the very exciting Vocabulary of the Day:

Vocabulary of the Day
Lost the plot: to be crazy/mad.
I was pretty sure Gen had lost the plot when she started graffiting the grey blocks on the outside wall of The Bar with a highlighter while I was trying to flag down a taxi.

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