Thursday, May 25, 2006

Too many early days!

The good thing about getting up before dawn is that you get to see the sunrise everyday.

The bad thing is that they are rarely as nice as this. It was COLD today 6 degrees C(42 F) when I started in the morning and we only have about 3-4 good warm hours before it gets cloudy and cold again. Yikes! I asked the safety guy for one of those fancy work jackets that have your orange safety vest built in. Cross your fingers for me.

Tonight- Australia vs. Greece soccer. I think everyone in the country is required to watch. They are even showing it on the side of Federation Square. I would go (to Fed Square, the game is sold out) but I would have to take the same train that is delivering everyone to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Grounds) where the game is being held and I don't really want to fight for a seat with 90,000 other fans. Getting across town during footy game time is tough enough!

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Trina said...

Watching soccer in another country is definitely a whole different ball game. Hope you find something fun to do!