Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Why does this car have four names? I haven't figured it out yet. Also, apparently the Ford Falcon is big here. The falcon?! There is a Ford plant in Geelong, not far from Melbourne, so everyone buys Victorian. Not really many Subarus out here. Go figure. They also have a really funny ad campaign where DaveO the surfer/bricklayer has to screen his calls because of all the women who want to date/marry him based on his "flash" car. (This is only funny if you know who DaveO in Denver is, which I do, so there.)

OK, so other happenings. I went to GAP Movie Night last night. Apparently the Melbourne office hosts movie night every couple of months and for a mere $10 you get dinner and a movie. We went to a very posh theatre that was HUGE and saw "The DaVinci Code". Then we went across the street and had bunches of appetizers (actually called entrees here) and most everyone drank. Lots. I did not because A) I was driving and the limit here is 0.05, and B) I was really really tired already from working 10+ hours! I would have fallen asleep in my tzatziki! The movie was good, but only because I already liked the story. It was a lot to pack into such a short time and I heard that some people who hadn't read the book (they exist?!) were a bit lost on who was good/bad, etc. The actors were good, though Tom Hanks reminded me of his "Bosom Buddy" days with that hair and he kind of layed the geek thing on pretty thick in the first scene. Everyone else was outstanding- they were all French.

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Indecisionablity... Sound like a word that George W. would come up with!