Monday, May 15, 2006

Nothing much

I was supposed to be drilling today. I was supposed to be drilling yesterday, too, but we knew that was put off by Saturday. Anyway, now I have a whole day to fill and not much to fill it with. Nobody wants to give me work becuase I will be gone for the next two weeks and unable to follow up. ugh.

Yesterday was mostly uneventful, though I did have lunch in the "lunch room" for the first time and go figure, conversation turned to American politics. I would really like to visit somewhere and not be grilled about what our leaders are thinking. I don't know what I'm thinking, let alone what a team of suits in Washington has in mind. So, "luckily" there was another American in on lunch who was happy to analyse away and teach us all about motives and strategy. In support of free speech, I let him talk and only piped up when it was appropriate to insert Paris Hilton as a punch line. They love making fun of her here.

Oh, and I got a cell phone. Not like anyone is calling me, but at least I feel a little less out of touch.

Must go find work.


Graham & Mandy said...

You crack me up! Paris Hilton huh? Will you have access to email when you are in the field? What do the Australians think about our government?

K said...

I don't think our politicians know what they are thinking either.

I can call long distance on my cell phone for free. I wonder if I can call long distance to Australia. I'll have to look into that.