Sunday, May 14, 2006

Home Sweet Home

This is the flat

In the building

That is RIGHT NEXT to the train station

That I take to get to the shops.

The apartment, I mean flat, is pretty nice. I've definitely had to live in worse places. There isn't too much to do around here though without taking the train. The ride is pretty fast- one stop to the east and I'm at Glenferrie Road seen above, and three stops to the west and I'm downtown.

Yesterday was pretty much a wash. I tried to explore the neighborhood a bit more but it kept raining, so walking was no fun. Plus, most the shops here are closed on Sunday, except the flower shop for Mother's Day!


K said...

That apartment looks much nicer than the dive with all the personality you lived in with Jason. Did we really think that place was quaint?
I remembered that place fondly a week ago when I was visiting friends and once again my feet wouldn't touch the ground while using the facilities.
Nope, haven't grown much!

Trina said...

Everything looks great! Good to hear you're taking to the Aussie grub - even if curry is at every turn. The digs look nice!

Jill said...

I think your "flat" looks would look much better with a hot Aussie on that sofa of yours...