Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This is as bad as it gets!

That's what my co-worker keeps saying about the weather. I think he is on crack. Some kind of a hallucinogenic, anyway.

This afternoon marks the second snow of the month, the first one to "disrupt" rush hour on a weekday. It's not that impressive, really. Just a dusting. I don't even need my brand-new-Christmas-present-in-advance snow boots that I lugged into work just for the occasion.

I know it's got to be worse than this, and so that's why I'm pretty sure my colleague is sniffing printer toner. Or his house is too close to some high tension power lines. Something, because this really isn't bad.

Now, Mr. Murphy, about tomorrow's weather...

1 comment:

SP said...

I was actually going to ask if you bought your pretty boots yet.

And yes, your co-worker is definitely smokin' something. It can and does get worse. Of course, that doesn't mean it will. In fact, I'm hoping you continue to be disappointed all winter long because I hate shoveling snow, my snow blower is sick and the kids are starting to charge me by the inch for their services!