Monday, December 17, 2007

der Plows That Work in der Night

So tonight I came home on the 9:40 train.
(I was out making friends with some state environmental types, but that is not the story.) (Figures though that the first friends I make will be promptly leaving town at the end of their conference.)

So anyway, I get off the train around 10:20 and there are all of these trucks around town. They're working. There's a loader, and a plow, and ohmigod, they're loading up the snow!

All the snow has been moved into giant piles in the middle of the streets... They are literally picking up the snow, loading it into trucks and moving it out of town. Where does it go? The less fortunate areas of Chicago? Is there some impoverished area of town that has a penchant for igloos? Does it get dumped into the river?

Where is Nancy Drew when you need her? Hey, I'll settle for Encyclopedia Brown, though I don't think he takes out of town gigs...

1 comment:

SP said...

Holy hannah woman, what did you think happened to the snow? Of course they haul it away... with big trucks (there are no snow gnomes- I wish, my driveway needs to be shoveled).

As for where it goes, now that is a good question! Let me know what you find out. I'm afraid the answer won't be as exciting as the things popping up in my Nyquil addled head right now.