Sunday, October 14, 2007

But Why?

You ask, "Why is it taking you so long to update me?"
I reply, "Because."

I have truly good intentions, I swear. But you know what they say about intentions.
One thing you may not know, is that they also say,
"Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies." And you know how I like cookies, so it's been tough.

Alright, enough screwing around, here's some photos of my new hometown:

Here's the farmer's market that happens every Thursday in Daley Plaza (note the Picasso), but doesn't happen anymore because it's too darn cold and they've made the plaza into a Halloween-themed park with orange water in the fountains anyway:

Here's a bit of the Chagall Wall that lives in the shadow of the Chase Tower:

And here's Jill on her birthday before I left Denver (just had to include her!):

She likes Harry Potter, and by god, that's what she got.
(Lesson to all- be careful what you wish for!)

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