Sunday, April 15, 2007

So great

So, this last week was jam-packed as usual, and I don't really have time to write all about it, but I'll give you the short-short version and then fill you in later.

I had a site visit on Monday where the client gave me a lecture about how my job is "bullshit".
We had PM24 happy hour on Tuesday.
We started the big office move on Thursday.
I shared a Colfax moment with Garth and Julie on Friday.
I got to learn some cool Denver stories on Saturday; and
I worked all day today, but some of it was on a "brownbag and discussion" (BAD) talk about feng shui that I am giving on Monday, highly qualified individual that I am.

All that and I even have a video for you. It's about six months old, but fun nonetheless. It's yum cha lunch in Melbourne with my international set of friends. Enjoy!

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