Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter festivities

This year Easter fell on Kym and David's birthday. Generally this would mean that our annual day of gay croquet in Cheeseman Park would be today, but snow and cold drove us indoors, to Larry and Brettly's house in the tree-lined neighborhood of Park Hill.

Brettly and Larry went all-out for the birthdays and we had quite the spread. Here's Jon and Larry discussing antiques or potato salad or something.

We all sat around and chatted and ate lots, and drank wine like the sophisticated Denverites that we all are. Here's Garth and Brettly and Julie listening to David wax poetic on his many travels (which really means we were trying to figure out how a native Japanese speaker would pronounce La Jolla while trying to catch a bus).

Here's Richard and birthday boy David pondering their R's.

I had to head home and begin preparing for my week, but just before I was heading out the door, Dave showed up all ready for his day of gay croquet. He definitely won "best dressed" for the day, and Kym was keen to have her birthday photo with him. A couple of times. (She even checked his socks. They were a disappointing navy blue.)

Here's Dave and Kym, his sweet outfit and her birthday/Easter/prom date corsage.

I headed home shortly after, to do nothing blog worthy, I'm sorry to say. Since I have nothing else to share, I give you this game:

Spot the gay guy!
Each photo above has exactly one of out favorite flamers. See if you can pick the right one. Careful, this is trickier than it looks!

Happy Easter everyone! (All two of you) xox Steph

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