Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Preparing for the Weekend

This weekend is packed with social events. It all starts Friday at lunch, when they are piggy-backing my going-away lunch with another (one of the senior types) and we are having quite the do at the pub down the street. Rumor is that there will be 40+ people there. Not too bad!

Saturday is the Caulfield Cup. This is part of the Spring Racing Carnival, lots of horse racing every weekend building up to the Melbourne Cup on November 7. A bunch of us are going to the race together and the plan making is whirling around the office. The races are a bit of a fashionista event as well, and I've been debating about my need to buy a new outfit. Then, Richard found the dress code (see below). Debate over. I will be going shopping Friday night!

*Dress Code
Gentlemen are required to wear a suit, sports coat or blazer plus tie. Ladies are expected to maintain a suitable standard of dress in keeping with the standard of the Corporate Areas. Unacceptable items of clothing include: parkas, duffel coats, denim jackets, zippered or waist length leather/casual jackets, any clothing revealing bare midriff, shorts, jeans, running/sports shoes, thongs or any dilapidated footwear. The club reserves the right to refuse admittance to the function areas to patrons not adhering to the above conditions.

Sunday we decided that I needed to have my own going-away and so we are having a BBQ in the park. We will see how many people are feeling up to the picnic after the races!

Vocab of the Day
Stuff: verb, all-purpose curse, though mostly benign. When I asked Cybele on proper stuff usage, she said, "I'd use it in polite company, when the F word isn't appropriate; stuffed is almost as diverse in its potential as the F word."

Except polite. Hard to imagine, but true.

surprise: "Well I'll be stuffed!"
get stuffed: "You can tell him to go get stuffed."
trouble: "Are we stuffed?", "Yep, we're stuffed."
tired: "I'm stuffed"
stuff a thing: "Is it stuffed?"
stuff an action:"Did he stuff it up?", "Dropping the pump down the well stuffed everything up."
give up/can't be bothered: "Stuff it.", "She couldn't be stuffed doing another micropurge."

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