Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Very Long Winded Dig at Shatner

Wednesday was John’s birthday. I felt extra terrible for him once he pointed out that this would be his second birthday in a row spent out at DTP. (I felt this bad because I was the one to send him there this year.) To make up for it, I left him a present of Tim Tams (the most excellent chocolate biscuit on earth, and a watercoloring book where it has the colors in the paper. He was very pleased.

Usually when there is a birthday in the office (it seems to happen at least once or twice a week here) there are a couple of small cakes left in the kitchen and an office-wide email notifying everyone who’s birthday it is and what kind of goodies there are to be had.

Then comes the stampede.

Today’s goodies included the requisite cake and some kind of chocolate lollies, which was my celebratory goody of choice. The lollies (any kind of candy is a lolly, by the way) were wrapped and ready for Halloween, which I found strange since nobody I have talked to here admits to celebrating Halloween, even as children, which I find horrifying in itself.

Anyway, my Halloween/Birthday treat had this printed on its wrapper:

"Scary Movies:
To fit within the flimsy $300,000 budget for Halloween (1978), the mask worn by the crazed Michael was actually a mask of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk… after it had been spray painted with white paint, had it’s eye sockets gouged, and hair teased."

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