Friday, September 22, 2006

Pub Friday

For some reason, yesterday centered around the pub. It might have had to do with the fact that I was doing what was perhaps the most boring task ever all day long and had nothing else to look forward to.

That might have been it.

But I don't know why everyone else came with me.

We have a bit of a tradition of the Friday pub lunch and Richard, Cybele and I headed out as usual. We were surprised to have Lorenzo, Julie and Gabrielle meet up with us as we were finishing up.

Lorenzo and Gabrielle told me about a new word game they have: think of two words, spelled the same, but pronounced differently with different meanings. For example: live. You can live a happy life, or you can catch a live fish. I immediately thought of the word message. Except that I was wrong, because I was thinking message and massage. Whoops, random bad spelling skills rearing their ugly heads.

Back to work and I continued plowing through. Next was our group meeting, where Sally gave a presentation about references for conducting site histories and Phase I's (perhaps the other most boring task ever).

Then on to the tech talk where Paul talked about the CAD group's ability to do 3D design. He didn't really talk about 3D design though, he mostly just told us about LDD, an Autodesk program that helps to calculate volumes, and which was just determined obsolete by the installation of a new program THAT AFTERNOON.

That would make this the most boring tech talk ever.

It's a wonder more people aren't driven to drink.

I will say that I attempted to go straight home after work. I did try. Dang peer pressure. The cool kids made me do it.

Off we went to the Royston for one drink. (Just one drink, Steph, c'mon!) Famous last words. We did escape after only three rounds though, which by Australian standards was hardly worth mentioning. I made it home at a decent hour and fell into bed for some much needed rest.

Vocab of the Day
Hill's Hoist: type of clothesline that looks like an inside-out umbrella and turns. Hill was Australian and apparently the inventor of the hoist. When describing the hoist, my work mates said, "It was exported and everything."

Suzy saw a new apartment yesterday and listed among the assets was a washer and a garden, complete with Hill's hoist.

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