Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big Day at Ford

Today I went out to do groundwater sampling at the Ford plant in Geelong. The fun part was training Cybele. It was nice to have someone else to chat with all day, and the fact that it was another girl was bonus.

Rumor was that this client was a bit high-maintenance, and I think the girl card really worked in our favor. We were not even half way through our first well and he brought coffee out to us (to our exact specifications) on a silver tray (we didn't think to ask of that!).

The day went pretty well despite our losing an esky lid on the freeway (whoops) and then getting lost trying to get back onto the freeway after shuffling around the remaining gear.

Basically, we were chicks on the job.

Perfectly illustrating this point, as we were readying ourselves to leave, I tried to start the ute and nothing. I have been known to accidentally leave headlights on or a door open or something when rushed, so I just assumed that the battery needed a little jump. (What better place to break down than in the Ford factory?!)

After the client lugged out his cables and charger, I realized that I had just knocked the ute out of gear and it started perfectly as soon as I put it into park. Duh.

Maybe two girls shouldn't be working together after all?

Vocab for the day
Phone tennis: just like phone tag, only not. because it's the Aussie version.

Geoff and I played phone tennis for about an hour after I discovered a possible typo in the scope which could possibly mean that we skipped a parameter in our groundwater analyses and we have to start over from scratch tomorrow.

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Trina said...

So you're going to be turning this blog into a book when you get back, right?