Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Approach

In the interest of creating a better blog to entertain/inform/enable your worktime procrastination with, I'm doing a bit of a blog makeover.

I really do like sharing my adventures with you all, really. It's just that lately, it's really not that exciting. And if it's not that exciting for me, well... all I can say is that you're a loyal lot.
All 6 of you.

So, I'm going to try to increase the postings, but decrease the content. Kind of a twinkie-ifying of my blog, if you will. ( Twinkies were invented in Chicago after all, did you know that?) We'll see how it works. As always, I'll expect you to weigh in with your opinion. Loyal you are, but meek... not really.

As promised, an update on the fate of the ice wall displayed in Millennium Park through the month of February. Here's a chunk in its final days:

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SP said...

Hooray for more Steph! I've missed you.