Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Weirdest Thing...

about working for the feds so far is the bathrooms. OK- hear me out on this.

They've got a foyer-type room right when you walk in for changing or makeup or gossip parties or whatever, but that's not the thing. Then, you get into the actual bathroom and they are clean (nice) with granite counter tops (fancy) and overstocked paper towels (handy) and little extra bits of rubber on the doors to cover the cracks (huh?). That's weird, right?

They've actually gone in and retro-fit the stalls with a metal strip on one side and a rubber strip on the other so that you can't see through that tiny little crack at the hinge of the stall door.

Now, we all know that the government doesn't usually take it upon themselves to go doing things on their own, which means that so many people complained about it, they thought it was a problem to be remedied.
I give kudos for the remedy.
I puzzle the cost.
I question the sanity of my co-workers.

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SP said...

I cannot even picture what you are talking about. Thus, you must take your fabulous picture taking skills into the bathroom! Umm, just don't get caught. That might be a little awkward.