Friday, July 06, 2007

A tall house with room, please

So first let me say that this blog tracker thing is pretty cool. I still like the look of the original web page, so I'm not as into the subscription thing or the feed, but the tracking makes it all worthwhile. I can see what someone searched for before getting my blog, and what posting they read. No way to track the individual people yet, so you can keep those Big Brother paranoia issues at bay.

OK, back to the task at hand: a new post so the former headline isn't staring out at me from every web page I've plastered myself on. Here goes:

So we all know last night I had a bit of a getting to sleep problem. As a result, my intended 7AM start time at work dropped back to around 8:30. Because nearly everyone was in the office before me, I was able to get the lowdown by checking my email before leaving the house. Turns out that the project that I spent all day til 8:30 PM working on didn't really need to go out the door today. Oh yeah, it was really no big deal and they're going to send it out Monday. Jeesh.

So I did what every self-respecting pleb does, I went to Starbucks.
Then I got back to work.

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