Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Colorado update

So I'm working on a post about the last week or so, but in the mean time I thought you'd like to know that we have a herd of elk migrating for the summer who are blocking traffic at I-70 and C-470... seriously messing up the commute for those suburbanites.

AND, a little granola pat on the back to the Colorado Rapids, Denver's major league soccer team, who has just become the world's first carbon-neutral soccer team. I'm sure that is going to send stampedes of people to check out soccer at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, (that's seriously the name of the park- I can't wait until the nickname emerges) or maybe they'll just show up to try to catch a glimpse of David Beckham. Let's hope they carpool.


agentslaeyer said...

Carbon neutral dicks! that's awesome!

Raelyn said...
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