Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Joys of Victorian Living

This little beauty landed on our safety board last week. It is horrifying.

A quick look on Wikipedia and I found this little gem, "Australia is the only continent where venomous snakes outnumber their non-venomous cousins."

A two-word google search brought up a site where you can point to any place on a map of Victoria and it will tell you which kind of snakes live in your area. Handy, but somehow I'm not going to sleep better knowing that the Common Copperhead, White-lipped Snake, Tiger Snake, Common Brown Snake, or the Little Whip Snake are lurking underneath the grass. Bllech.

Another click later and I find that two of those are among the biting-est and killing-est in the country. Yikes!

I don't think there is much bushwalking in my future.

Vocab of the Day
Mozzies: mosquitoes

Hopefully, the worst animals I will encounter on vacation are some mozzies near the water.

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