Friday, September 29, 2006

AFL Grand Final

Today is the AFL Grand Final. The streets are empty, the pubs will be packed, and the air emissions will spike due to BBQ smoke.

This is the third year in a row that no Victorian teams have made the Final. It's really rather a scandal. The influx of people from WA (Western Australia- home of the West Coast Eagles) and Sydney (home of the Swans) is going to make downtown crazy packed. Federal Square shows the game on a huge screen for all of us who couldn't get tickets to the game today.

I tried to find a BBQ to attend, but just as the day was getting close, I came down with a cold. Kind of takes the wind out of the social sails. Dang.

So, Barb (who will be working all day) and I (who will be working all morning) will shut down the computers, crack open some wine and watch the Finals from the couch in our apartment.

Not exactly the Aussie way, but I figure it's a good effort nonetheless.

I will be barracking for the Swans, who used to be the South Melbourne Swans before they were moved to Sydney to bring footy to the big city to the north. Hopefully my unlucky streak will end and the Swans will actually win. I seem to have a dark gift when it comes to footy: for every single game I watch (and I've watched quite a few) the team I'm cheering for loses.

Oh, yeah, today's photo was taken at the GA footy game courtesy of the office camera. That's me, Ian, and Drew at the Telstra Dome. (I was cheering for St. Kilda. They lost.)

Vocab of the Day
Ace: excellent.

It would be so ace if the Sydney Swans win the Final today.

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