Friday, August 18, 2006

Work Imitates Life

I'm not bitter, really. No, really.

I'm just in the office at 7 AM on Saturday so that I can be sure to get a report out on Denver's Friday. The budget is blown on my project, so I can't even charge the time I'll be putting in today, or the 5 extra hours I worked on it last night.
That is a bummer. If this is what project management is really all about, then maybe I'm happy being a pleb.

The budget is blown in my bank account as well. I really should have considered that I have to pay insurance every August before I went on vacation! Where is my accounting department?

In honor of the dwindling petty cash, I will be having a very quiet weekend at home. I made a trip to the library earlier this week and stocked up on fiction, most with no literary value, and I plan to make a severe dent in that stack of books. I plan to make a severe dent in the futon as well, I guess.

So, this whingeing (whinge rhymes with hinge, means whine, of English origin) is probably all that you'll hear from me all weekend. Really, I don't mean to whine, but that's all it's going to sound like so I'll just...

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Mandy said...

Read to your hearts content! Do you feel beter now that you have all of your whining out? Enjoy the weekend!