Saturday, August 12, 2006

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Look Ma, No hands!

It's looking a bit cloudy in this one below,(literally cloudy outside and the wind has stirred everything up) but I wanted to show you how shallow the reef can be. When we left, there were bits of it sticking above the surface of the water!

The different colors of the coral are from the different types of algae living on it's surface. One of those symbiotic relationships again!

This is the parrot fish that I chased around. When I finally decided to get a photo, he pooed in my face. Don't'cha just love nature.

That's most of the photos that turned out. The sketchy weather made for some cloudy photos, but definitely made an interesting day! I may have to come back in November before I go back to the states...

Now I'm off to the airport and 10 hours of traveling so I can be at work tomorrow. Dang work.

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