Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Heckuva Week

It's a bad, bad thing when you have a good reputation. Well, it's bad when this reputation is good because you can handle a crisis and get the job done and make your boss look good. This week has been so crazy busy that I've barely had time to think. Richard left for a week's holiday and left me in charge of a field project where nobody has really taken ownership of it (see holiday, above) and there are some pretty unrealistic expectations. I have only now decided that, in the interest of my sanity, I will not allow myself to get all wrapped up in the angst of getting this impossible task completed before I go on vacation Saturday.


I am going to New Zealand for a weekend (to re-validate my visa)and then onto Port Douglas for some quality beach time for the rest of the week. I haven't even packed and I have to move out of my apartment while I'm gone...

Deep breath in, deep breath out. I will make it to Saturday. Um, let's set that goal a little lower, shall we? I will make it to Friday afternoon when I can come back into the office and drop off samples and listen to the tech talk and then go watch footy (!) with the work folks and then I will make it to Saturday. I can do that.

Here's a nice relaxing photo of the Yarra River from the Punt Road bridge. That's Melbourne in the distance and the MCG all lit up.

OK, don't bother me, I'm breathing.

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Trina said...

I could use some quality beach time.