Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Keeping up with the Joneses

So I was watching TV the other day when a song for a commercial came on and I looked up and it was advertising the wrong thing. The song goes with a cruise line in the states, but here, it's part of a commercial for the Gold Coast, a very flash resort town in South Queensland. Then I started paying more attention to commercials and such and I noticed:

  • McDonalds, aka Mackers in the Aussie shorten-everything slang, has a "Mexican" burger called El Maco. I just thought that was funny.

  • David Jones is a very popular name.
    1. David Jones is a high end department store out here. Think Nordstrom's.
    2. Davy Jones is a member of the Monkees. (You just can't leave out the Monkees.)
    3. Davy Jones is part of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie that they are relentlessly advertising

  • There are lots of Robbies.
    1. The most famous Robbie is Robbie Williams, British pop star. Females of all ages swoon at the very mention of his name and his three shows sold out in half an hour. (Not as fast as Dave Matthews Band at Red Rocks, but I guess that's because guys actually like Dave Matthews as well.)
    2. The most famous Australian Robbie is Robbie McEwen, rider in the Tour de France. He won the green jersey for sprinting and I heard about it two whole times. Not so into biking here, not enough blood loss.
    3. The Robbie I hear the most is Robbie Buck, a DJ on Triple J FM. Triple J is a national radio station in the ABC network and it plays alterna-rock with an indie attitude. It's really good. The morning show is brilliant, so folks at home who need something to entertain them in the mid afternoon should tune in via internet. Since I'm doing so much field work lately, I've become very "at one" with the radio.

OK, so there are some more tidbits for you. Must be off. I have to drive to the country today to get some soil samples. Wish me luck.

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