Thursday, July 06, 2006

Earning the big bucks

This is what I will be looking forward to next week. Groundwater sampling in one heckuva mess.

I'm trying on my gear: (unfortunately huge) tyvek suit, rubber boots, neoprene gloves, and a respirator. Everything at this site has to be disposable since the possibility for cross-contamination is so big.

In the mean time, I've moved. A senior-type has moved his family over for the next couple of years and so I got booted from the office flat while they find someplace to live. I'm now residing in South Yarra, a very happening suburb a bit to the... south. Lots of shops and things to occupy my time. (Although repacking for the move has further convinced me that I really cannot afford to buy more stuff! What was I thinking? Pack light on the way there so you have room to bring stuff back! Duh!)

Anyway, this weekend will be all about the new 'hood. I am also having dinner with some work friends Saturday night and watching one of the Rugby League games (on TV). I know there are two kinds of rugby here- Rugby League and Rugby Union. Which is which and what makes them different, I have no idea. Apparently, rugby is not a big deal here in Victoria, since they are such footy fiends, and that may be why I am still in the dark. Hope to have more info for you on that later.


K said...

You look Haaawwwtttt!!!!


Grahamanda said...

I still don't like the idea of you being gone for three more months!

Sarah said...

gotta send pics of the new place! you do look awefully cute though!