Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm baaack (in the office)

Finally, I'm finished with the wells at DTP. I actually had a whole day in the office, where I learned that I will be... going to DTP. Again. Gah! I suspected as much, since usually when you spend a month installing and developing wells, you may like to get some samples from them. The thing is that they use only low-flow sampling out here, and that. takes. forever. We're talking another whole week in the field to get these 13 samples. Yikes.

Otherwise, I've spent the day letting people remember who I am. I have leads on three possible projects, all of which involve more field work, but this time I would be in charge. Well, OK, maybe. But definitely more in charge than I've been so far. One of these projects is for Confidential Client that I did lots of work for at my first job that just happens to have a gigantic TCE plume in Colorado. This site is similarly contaminated, but it is in fractured igneous rock. Should be interesting. There is already talk of extending my stay so I can see the project through. I'll believe that when I've got the ticket in my hands.

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Mandy & Graham said...

HOW MUCH LONGER WOULD YOU STAY? I am not sure I like that! Glad you found a camera charger. I think we need to see more fashion statement pictures!