Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big city day

Today I decided to take two of the self-guided walking tours around Melbourne. A total of 7.75 kilometers and I think it's time to spend quality time in front of the TV!

Lucky you, I took loads of photos, so here goes.

The first tour was called "On the Waterfront". Unfortunately no further references to Marlon Brando... I started out at Fed Square, as usual, crossed the Yarra River and walked west along the Promenade. There, practically underneath the giant redevelopment project/mall that is Southbank, is a sculpture called Dervish. I forgot to get a photo of the whole thing, but it looks something like this:

Then I crossed Rainbow Bridge,
and headed west some more towards the aquarium, and the Immigration Museum (to be visited another day), and under the Sandridge Railway bridge. They have lots of random art here. A much higher rate of it in these touristy areas, but even the highways have your random sculpture or two. If I weren't driving, I'd take a photo for you, but I digress.

I continued west to see some somewhat dodgy areas of the wharf, but it was worth it to see this bridge:

The Webb Bridge. Nothing much exciting in this part of the city (I can see the big ugly commercial stuff not far off), so per the tour guide in my hand, I headed back to Federation Square.

Almost there and I look up to see a parade of sorts. Since they were going the same direction as me, I caught up and found out that they were a) all women b) wearing hot pink, black, cats, feathers, and pill box hats; and tap dancing. I was unable to figure out what they were doing dancing their way up St. Kilda Road, but they were having fun, so that's the important thing.

(Something is wrong at blogger central. I will continue tomorrow!)

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