Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The best Italian restaurant in Melbourne

... according to the Lonely Planet, is Cafe di Stasio in St. Kilda. Still in the holiday mood, Stephen and I chucked our dinner plans and tried it.

It was good. Crazy expensive though. I had some very fancy pasta bolognese, a side salad, and a cocktail for $70. Thank goodness Stephen paid for the wine! (He's senior GAP- he can afford it.)

Since Stephen is Scottish/French, dinner took a long time and was really fun. I ended up getting to bed pretty late though, so I'm really tired today. It was a good thing that I was just helping out with some test pitting at DTP. Not much brain power required. We finished in record time, so we have a short day of it tomorrow. I will even get to sleep in til 7. Very exciting.

Oh! Before dinner we watched the Australia/Japan World Cup game that they were replaying. (OK, I came home when the game had 10 minutes left.) Stephen had stayed up to watch it the night before, but I went to bed, so I only knew that Australia had won. I hadn't really paid much attention to it all, so when I asked how much they'd won by, he said "Ah, just come and watch it." So I did. In case you didn't know, Australia was down 0-1 until 82 minutes into the 93 minute game. Then they scored 3 goals. Crazy! It was pretty exciting to watch, even as a replay.

I did learn that the US team lost their first game to the Czech Republic (and through all this soccer watching (yea, it is soccer here as well, since football is for footy) I know that the Czech team is #2 in the world, so there is still hope for the US team) and we play Italy next on Friday night/Saturday morning at 5AM. We were planning a bit of a dinner party/breakfast if any of our country's teams were playing on a weekend, but 5AM is a bit extreme. I would rather get up at 6:15 and watch the end again, since that is the exciting bit anyway, eh? I cannot say that to anyone here though, so if you repeat it, I'll deny it. :)

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Trina said...

Sadly, I'm afraid the US may lose against Italy. That's right. I said it. They may lose. But here's to hoping they don't!