Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My commute

The California Hotel

On the way to the office

Typical house on a typical tree-lined drive (OK, a 4 lane road) with an atypical see-through fence

Street where I work

The GAP office, complete with GAP flag. We have the whole third floor and part of the second.

View from the conference room (That's Melbourne in the distance!)


Trina said...

Why in the weather forecast is it talking about "smoke?" Just making sure everything is ok.

K said...

The street you work on looks very quaint,like main street in the town I live in. You sure the pilot didn't fly in circles for hours and hours?

Will you be living in a hotel for 3 months or will you have an apartment?

Good question Trina! What the hell is up with the smoke?

Steph said...

Uh yeah. I haven't seen any smoke. I have no idea what that is about.