Saturday, May 20, 2006


So, it's been a while. Things have been really crazy here. Field work is, as usual, not going exactly smoothly, and so by the time I finish the day it's pretty late and blogging is not so high on the list. BUT, it's Sunday now and I have lots to catch you up on...

Look Ma, I'm networking! Wednesday night there was a meeting of The Association of Consulting Engineers Australia, downtown and I got to go! (One of the other folks at the office had to cancel.) It was a networking event for young engineers (everyone calls themselves engineers here, even if they aren't, apparently) and basically a good excuse for a "piss up" (lots of drinks). We had a speaker from the Committee for Melbourne, which is a non-profit made of businessmen who decide what's best for the city. By the end, we were all feeling pretty inspired to go fund a childrens' garden.

Thursday night I slept. Hard.

Friday night I tagged along with Gen to a BBQ hosted by another Golderite (even though I'd never met him) to celebratethe completion of his new deck. It rained. But, it was good fun and a good crowd, and I didn't want to ask what kind of meat I was eating, though it was pretty tasty.

Saturday. I still have the car from work and so I decided to give it some kilometers.
The Great Ocean Road.

It really was beautiful. Hours of driving along the coastline from the Surf Museum in Lorne to God knows where. Since this was a bit of a last minute trip, I didn't get to see the London Bridge (though I thought that there was one in AZ as well as in London, so that makes for a lot of bridges that London's just tossing to the colonies) or actually in the water, but I did get to see this:

The lighthouse at Cape Otoway, where Eric The Red even crashed a ship, and an hour and a half of driving later:

The Twelve Apostles. Only eight remain, due to the erosional force of the ocean. Pretty good timing, eh?

Today I have to do boring stuff like grocery shop and laundry. I hope to find Queen Victoria's market though, so wish me luck.


Grahamanda said...

It looks beautiful! How is the driving going?

Trina said...

My gosh, Steph, you are an awesome photographer! These pictures are amazing! I'm glad you're getting out and enjoying yourself a little while you're there. It sure does sound like fun, for the most part. Keep doin' your thang girl!

P.S. your plants are still alive.

Trina said...

Seriously, I'm loving the pictures. In fact, the picture of the cliffs? I put that on my desktop. It's really good. Calming. Reflective.

K said...

The pictures are gorgeous and you look fantastic!

I'm glad you are having a good time. I new you'd start to explore. You are the most adventuresome person I know.

Keep it coming!