Monday, May 29, 2006

I forgot

Today is Monday. A very Monday-like Monday, as one of the drillers showed up with a strained back and we ended up losing our well just as we were putting on the finishing touches. Tomorrow we get to start from scratch, assuming he doesn't want to take a sick day (I would- he looked pretty miserable).

Anyway, I forgot to tell you that Friday night I went to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) with a bunch of other GAP folks to see the Pissaro exhibit. It was outstanding. We met in the lobby, where they were serving wine, and had a glass before going in/ while waiting for everyone to arrive. Turns out I get a bit more animated after half a glass of wine, and as I was explaining something that apparently required wide hand gestures, (wait for it) I spilled half the glass all over myself. Luckily A) I missed everyone else at the table, B) I didn't wear the yellow top, and C) it only really got on my black cotton shirt. However, I walked around the rest of the night smelling like a vinter. This was probably the only occasion where I could have gotten away with it, since I decided to wear all black, including my black beret (Pissaro was French) to the art show. Very "suffering artist" look/smell.

After the museum, we went across the street to Fed Square to a restaurant called the Chocolate Budda. (They serve no chocolate?!) Here we had "authentic" Asian cuisine, and I struggled to remember the dish that Garth and Julie made for me that I liked so much. (It wasn't the Chocolate Budda version of yakitori, I can tell you that.) It was good though, even if it wasn't what I expected.

That about wraps up Friday night, and I think you're all caught up now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph- We are really enjoying your "Oz Adventures". We had a big scare Saturday night, we were all at a birthday party over at Eleni's house, she works for us, Breydan was sitting at the bar directing Eleni as to how much cake that he needed and fell off landing on his head! He was convulsing and his lips were blue! He never did pass out but he had no reaction to the fall, not even a tear and was very limp, so Char,and Adria put him in the car and went to Oro Valley NW Hospital (5 min. away).
Long story short, after a CAT scan it was determined that he had swollen tissue between his scalp and skull nothing under the skull, Thank God! We followed the kids up to the hospital, Char called Adria's parents, so there were 6 adults hovering over Breydan. He was soooo good,when they released him (2 1/2 hrs later!) he wanted to go back to the party to get his cake, and ice cream, so we did! The ER Dr felt that he was find, maybe a slight concussion. He will go see his Dr. tomorrow morning just to make sure everything is ok. Char & Adria took turns watching him sleep,and yesterday they took naps all day long. By the way Teyha was spending time with a cousin that is here visiting.
We are going to Colorado on 6/24 to a conference in Colorado Springs @ Garden of the Gods. Terry will be in meetings Sun & Mon and I will be in the spa, sounds like a fare trade, don't you agree? We are then going to rent a car and take a week to visit his family,he has a bunch up there, from Denver clear over to Carbondale.

Terry is pulling all the winter flowers out of the beds and prepping for Zennias and Merigolds.

Steph, especially today, we are thinking about you and your parents, and all families that are honoring their fallen heros, especially our Hero, Kenneth. We are praying for an end to this war!
Please feel the huge hug that we are sending to you!

I'd better close for now, we are going to see The DaVinci Code.

Your in our prayers daily!
Keep on having a great adventure....'til next time,
Mom & Dad Carson

Graham & Mandy said...

I am very impressed with the mom comments! As I was reading today's entry, I realized that I got to hear it from you over the phone. That really made my day! You might want to email mom and let her know she can email you at your Golder account. Hey, I bought skis today. What the hell am I going to do with them until Dec? Miss ya! Hope the drillers back is better, I feel his pain!